We offer a range of partitions to maximise your space

At KP False Ceilings Manchester we are experienced in the installation of various partitions both in domestic properties and in commercial / office spaces. Partitions are a cost effective way to either permanently or temporarily divide up an existing space – and really make a difference to your business or home. Partitions Manchester also have the advantage of being more lightweight than masonry and can be constructed in a manner that provides improved acoustic performance and fire resistance.

Metal Stud Partitions

Stud wall partitions are suitable for all types of buildings including residential, schools, health care and commercial and have been used for many years. Their popularity is down to their high level of versatility and excellent levels of fire protection & noise reduction. There are various types of metal stud systems that can be used to create a framework to which plasterboard is then fixed. As with false ceilings, various services (cables etc) can be concealed within the stud cavity – and partition walls can be installed to varying heights depending on their construction. Insulation can also be added within the cavity, offering both thermal and sound proofing properties.

Office Partitions

Office PartitionWe fully understand that our clients businesses are ever changing and growing – and with this comes the need for different space distribution within the office. This is why our office partitioning systems truly meet the needs of today’s modern working environment. Our office partitions create maximum space and are perfect for dividing up a work area to meet your needs.

The clever use of an office partition can give the appearance of height and maximise the space you have available. There are a multitude of colours and styles of office partition available, which can complement your existing decor or suspended ceiling – and of course we will be happy to advise you and ensure you make the right choice for your business.

Glass Partitions allow you to retain a light and open office spaceGlass Office Partition Manchester

A glass partition is the ideal choice in many office settings – it allows you to divide a space up and create privacy without reducing light and the feeling of space. Various finishes to the glass allow you to create different looks and the choice of single or double glazing means you can choose the level of acoustic insulation to meet your specific needs.

Glass partitions provide the ultimate in flexibility, allowing you to divide your space into various work stations, meeting rooms, reception areas and waiting rooms.

The framework and associated doors can be finished in timber, steel or laminate, again allowing you to match the partition to your current decor.

Points to consider when choosing a partition:

Some materials and office partition systems will provide better sound proofing than others and of course differing levels of privacy. You may also wish to consider how strong the partition needs to be – which will depend on your particular business and environment. You should also bear in mind whether or not the structure is likely to be a permanent or temporary addition to your space.

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