Bensons For Beds Suspended Ceiling Stretford

Benson’s For Beds spoke with to design and complete an office build/refurbishment at their branch in Stretford, Manchester. Having worked with Benson’s For Beds to create a style and theme that befits their own usual store make-up. We implemented a suspended ceiling well within the required timeframe and budget.

By leaving ample space for additions, such as soundproofing, and for systems such as wiring to fit through should it ever be required, KP Ceilings made sure that each section of the suspended ceiling was installed to the highest professional standards.

As per the requirements of Benson’s For Beds, KP Ceilings installed a demountable within the main sales room. This was made to fit the style of the rest of the store, and ensured that long-term safety and durability was guaranteed.

The Suspended Ceiling

KP ceilings turned up on site on the agreed start date. The first thing we did was meet the site foremen to go through all our health safety risk assessments.

We then sat down to go through the drawings come up with a plan of work. The plan had to work for all trades to complete the job in safest way.

We then started work. The first part of our task was to put up a fire curtain with drop of 7 meters.Once all this was completed we started to set out the MF perimeter detailed work.

  • Installing the hanger
  • Set up our laser levels to install the metal framework
  • Attach the plasterboard to metal framework
  • Formed 100mm up stands
  • Taped joint fill all the joints to a smooth Finnish

The next part of our project was to install the Suspended Ceilings We started the process with looking at the drawings to make sure our ceiling would work out with all the other trades on site. After speaking to the other trades we set out our ceiling to incorporate all the lights & air conditioning to fit in the right places as shown on the drawing. Once everyone one was happy on site we started to install the wire hangers. Once completed we install the shadow batten the perimeter trim to our laser levels then it was time to start putting in the grid.


A superb finished suspended ceiling. Suspended ceiling installation Manchester Bensons For Beds. Suspended Ceiling Stretford.  After the complete installation of the grid, it was time to start putting the ceilings tiles in. This was the final part of our project. Once completed we cleared site with all the waste & any materials that we had left over. We asked the site foreman to come & have a look to make sure he was happy before we left and no surprise he was another happy customer.

Customer Testimonial

We looked around at many businesses for the work we required. KP Ceilings came in at the best price. Karl’s enthusiasm and passion for the business won us over. Karl took us on a tour of previous completed projects around Manchester.

What we noticed, apart from the standard of the work, was the superb working relationship with his clients. Other companies that we saw didn’t even communicate with their own staff when we went on site visits.

Whilst completing our work Karl kept us up to date with the progress on a daily basis. He always gave us the option to make any changes. His staff where superb. The work was completed ahead of schedule.

bensons-for-bedsWe have offered KP ceilings the contract to carry out the work on any future work. I would recommend KP Ceilings to any one. I would like to wish them all the best for the future. Mark Burrows Finance Director