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There are many options available when it comes to choosing a Detailed Ceilings Manchester (also known as a ‘Dropped’, ‘false or ‘suspended ceiling). This is a mainstay of modern design and construction, both on new builds and refurbishment projects. It is often a secondary layer , hung below the main structure. This explains why this can provide a new lease of life to an old, tired looking room. The space above the structure is called the plenum space. This is invaluable in concealing piping, wiring and other cables. This results in a tidy finish, but still allows access to these appliances if necessary.

The tiles used for the finished ceiling can be selected from a variety of materials. These include plastic, metal and wood, allowing full flexibility for fixtures such as air grilles, lights and fire sprinklers.

Detailed MF

Detailed CeilingThe MF Ceiling is very versatile and offers a host of options when it comes to finish and appearance. For example, if you want to vary lighting and level, then curves can easily be added. The final surface can be finished in wallpaper, paint or vinyl among other methods.

At installation stage you can also incorporate hatches into the ceiling. This can be finished with a beaded frame. There are many details you can add to your MF Ceiling, in order to fulfil your practical and aesthetic requirements. KP ceilings Have been supplying MF Ceilings To Customers In Manchester for Over 10 Years.

We are Official Burgess Agents

We are proud to supply and install the Burgess Tegular System which comprises of an interlocking grid system and durable metal tiles. This system utilises press formed tiles for the ultimate accuracy. Combine this with ease of installation its now the most widely used metal tile ceiling system. Metal suspended ceilings provide a high spec finish and meet all of the needs of modern buildings, especially in commercial settings. They are easy to clean, highly attractive and have an excellent lifespan. As with other suspended ceilings, this system can be easily removed and replaced for access to services – and light fittings, grilles and acoustic inlays can be integrated as required.


Detailed Ceiling In ManchesterA Bulkhead is constructed using a metal framework with a plasterboard finish. As with partitions, they are finished using the dry lining method. Bulkheads can be used to cover up structural steel or services (air conditioning units, light fittings etc) or merely for cosmetic purposes in order to add an aesthetically pleasing feature to a room.

If you decide on a MF, then the same system can be used to create a feature bulkhead – for example we can create a curved feature or coffers, or create dropped levels within your ceiling – the choice is yours. The finish of the feature is also down to your personal taste – so if you want a detailed ceiling bulkhead we will be happy to discuss your options – simply get in touch



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