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Dry Lining Manchester


In commercial and industrial settings, dry lining Manchester is becoming more and more common. This substitute for plastering is quick and relatively simple, and it makes walls useable for all kinds of purposes. There are lots of benefits to using dry lining in your commercial or industrial spaces, so let’s explore a few of them now.

Dry Lining ManchesterMake Walls More Aesthetically Pleasing


One of the most common reasons why dry lining Manchester is used in so many spaces is because it allows you to make a space much more aesthetically pleasing. Some businesses will feel that aesthetics aren’t important in their settings, but you would be amazed at what a difference just dry lining the walls can make.

When you use dry lining Manchester, it will help you give the walls a more finished look. That’s going to look better if you have clients or other visitors in your space for any reason. It also works well for your staff, as having a more pleasant space to work in will actually help them work better overall.

Change Up The Look Of The Space


While dry lining Manchester will make the walls look better overall, it’s also great for changing the look of the walls if needs be. For example, it can be used to cover up brickwork or masonry. If that’s not the look that you want for your space, then the dry lining can be used to change that.

Once the dry lining Manchester has been applied, you’ll then be able to decorate those walls, or use them as you see fit. It’s a quicker and easier way to change the look of the walls and get a look that’s a better fir for you.

Dry Lining Factory ManchesterQuicker Than Traditional Plastering


If you’re hoping to cover brickwork or make a wall usable, then plastering is often the first solution you’ll think of. While it is successful at achieving these goals, it does need time to be applied and set, before you can start using it. That’s why dry lining Manchester is becoming more popular.

Rather than applying wet plaster to the walls, dry lining Manchester requires your contractor to essentially line the walls with plasterboard. It is applied to the walls securely, and the joins are filled and skimmed so you won’t be able to see them once they’re done. It gets the same job done, in a fraction of the time.

Add Insulation Along With Dry Lining


One great benefit of dry lining Manchester is that as well as the lining itself, insulation can be added at the same time. That’s something that many businesses will want to consider. Energy efficiency is a big concern for businesses, especially if you have a large space that you need to heat and cool throughout the year.

Alongside the dry lining Manchester, insulation can be installed too. It’s something that you’ll want to consider, as it doesn’t cause any issues that you may be concerned about, such as trapping moisture and creating mould. It will, though, help reduce those energy bills and that’s something that will help offset the cost of dry lining itself.

Protect Your Walls


If you don’t have anything covering your walls, then you’ll see that over time damage will occur. It’s very easy for nicks and dents to be made as items are carried through, doors are opened into walls, and so on. When it’s just the bare wall, that will make it harder to fix. If you use dry lining Manchester though, it becomes a lot easier.

If there’s a section of the wall that has been damaged, your dry lining Manchester expert can remove that section of plasterboard and replace it with a new one. It’s very simple to do, and will be less costly too. It’s something that a lot of business owners will be able to take advantage of, as damage does happen over time and with this you’ll be able to avoid costly repairs. Get in touch today.

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