KP Ceilings Manchester Ltd – Services Offered

KP Suspended Ceilings Manchester Ltd offer a vast range of services. We meet all of your ceiling and space partitioning requirements. We specialise in suspended ceiling and false ceiling installations. KP suspended ceilings are Official Agents for Burgess Ceilings Manchester, undertaking both Domestic and Commercial projects In Manchester.

Need to create separate spaces in your home or office? No problem, we also provide a full office partition and glazed partition service.

As well as ceiling installations, glass partitions and office partitions we also offer a broad range of associated services. These include lighting, dry lining, bulkheads and plastering Manchester. Providing a full renovation service from start to finish.


MF (Metal Frame) ceilings

MF Gloss Ceiling These are none load bearing, false suspended ceilings. Used for upgrading a soffit (the underside of an architectural structure such as an arch, cornice or balcony etc) within an existing restoration project or on a new build. These ceilings consist of a metal framework. The metal framework is used to provide a suspension system grid to which fire retardant plasterboard can then be fitted. Metal Frame ceilings are very quick to install and easy to maintain.

These light weight and durable structures offer real design flexibility. This guarantees a smooth and attractive finish suited to all residential and commercial properties.

All of our MF ceiling Manchester profiles are manufactured to BS 7364-1990 from pre galvanized material to BS EN 10327: 2004. Profiles available include MF5, MF6A and MF7.


Dry Lining Manchester

Dry lining ManchesterThis method has largely replaced the practice of traditional ‘wet’ plastering in most applications. The main advantages are that it is quicker to carry out. It also takes less time to dry (as it doesn’t require the volume of water that hard plaster needs). As well as being technically easier to complete.

Dry Lining is literally the covering of a background surface (such as masonry or brickwork) with a plaster substitute – usually plasterboard. The dry lining can be taped and jointed using special scrim/paper tape or alternatively, can be skim coated with a thin coat plaster finish, to provide a smooth surface ready for decoration.

Partitions Manchester

PartitionPartitions Manchester are a vital and effective way to divide your space and utilise it to its full potential. Whether you need to install an office partition or you want to divide up a ‘wasted’ space at home. We have the knowledge and expertise to assist. Partitions are usually cheaper and less intrusive than masonry. They can be fitted in such a way as to improve fire resistance and acoustic qualities.

We are experienced in installing a broad range of partitions. From lightweight constructions to steel frame and metal stud systems, of both a load bearing and non load bearing variety.

Glazed Partitions

Glass PartitionGlass partitions are the most effective way of providing individual spaces. Whilst ensuring all light is retained and the minimum amount of overall space is sacrificed. The use of internal glazed screens really allows the feeling of ‘open space’ that is so important in a modern office environment. Glass walls can be used to create stylish and inspiring interiors. They can be used to great effect to create new rooms or divide an existing space. Glazed partitions are relatively easy to fit and cause minimal disruption. This means you will soon be back to business as usual.


Final Skim Of WallPlastering

We undertake all kinds of plastering work. Small repairs to whole buildings. We only work with experienced and skilled plasterers. Plasterwork is one of the most ancient of all building crafts. Even though modern alternatives are on the increase, for certain jobs traditional plastering is absolutely vital. A good plasterer Manchester will make this highly skilled craft look easy. Rest assured we guarantee a finish that will be to the highest standards of quality and durability.

The Benefits of a Suspended Ceiling

drop-ceiling-manchesterA suspended ceiling is a secondary ceiling hanging below the original. It is the ideal solution to hiding ugly (but essential) wiring, piping and duct-work. It is also the most cost effective way to give a new lease of life to any room.

However, there are many other benefits to suspended ceilings in addition to the aesthetic advantages. A suspended ceiling means you retain easy access to home systems. This means if you need to repair a plumbing leak then a damaged panel can be easily replaced. They are also resistant to mildew and mould so are usable in high humidity areas such as bathrooms. Suspended ceilings Manchester also offer improved heat and sound insulation and of course a versatile range of design choices.

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